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Examples of Compelling Work

January 30, 2012

Music video for Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better.” – I love how this music video begins like a boy band video, but ends up messing with those expectations in a creepy and humorous way. The thumbnail (not sure if intentionally chosen) gives a small hint of the weirdness before the viewer hits play.

“Dueling Cameras” – I like this video because it’s simple and charming. The timing and sound design are its strongest elements.

“CHOP No. 2” – Slow motion brings beauty to seemingly simple actions. This video is particularly compelling and beautiful because of its contrasty lighting and discordant, intense score.

“Dictaphone Parcel” – Bookending a chalk-drawn animation with stop-frame animation is effective here. I like how it starts with a “what if” (i.e. what if you mailed a tape recorder, what would you hear?) and we see how the animator chooses to visualize a sample of the sound collected during the package’s journey. It made me think how I would visualize things based solely on audio.

“LIAM” – I stumbled onto this self-proclaimed “smutographer’s” work recently and became so captivated by the videos he posted to his Vimeo account (much NSFW). I feel like there’s a narrative ready to break through here, but it doesn’t quite come through to me.

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