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Unsuccessful Signage

September 24, 2011

Signage is abundant in New York City, so finding examples of unsuccessful signage is never a problem. Here are a few examples that I found:

Overall, the sign isn’t bad. However, the use of parentheses has me wondering what the designer was thinking. Why is “service dogs” a parenthetical, separate from “Exception?”

I have a few issues with this sign. First of all, riffing on the “Got Milk?” campaign is a hackneyed idea. In terms of design, there are three different typefaces in use and the spacing between the lines isn’t even. Overall, it’s just dull.

I took this picture at box office of Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. They used to have regular shine-through letters in this spot and updated to this electronic LED sign. I know that they don’t take credit card, but the wording on the sign is quite ambiguous.

This is an subway advertisement for a CUNY school. I understand that they’re using text messaging shorthand because the ad instructs people to text a number for more information, but I thought that was inappropriate for an institution of higher learning.

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