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Fantasy Device: Bike GPS

September 22, 2011

My fantasy device is a GPS unit that’s pared down for use on a bike. You’d be able to program it via bluetooth or Wifi with your phone or computer, and when you’re biking, it only shows the most critical information, such as an upcoming turn. I’d also like it to be able to vibrate the right and left handle once to indicate an upcoming turn and three times to indicate an imminent turn, making it possible to navigate a route without even looking down. The device would be ruggedized and weatherproof and would be powered by a battery which is charged by a generator on the bike.

In navigation mode, the up and down buttons scroll through the directions and the center button will bring up a menu which can display the estimated time of arrival, speed, or any other metrics available. It will also let you enter a menu to customize the settings. All of these settings could also be accessed through a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth or Wifi.

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